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Paddy Guitar… is the 1man-company of self-employed
guitar player and guitar teacher Patrick „Paddy Boy“ Zimmermann from Mönchengladbach, Germany.

This includes the guitar school „Paddy’s Gitarrenunterricht“ in Mönchengladbach-Waldhausen.

Paddy Guitar… plays all tracks of the recording of your production in the studio.

Paddy Guitar… provides a replacement of your guitar player in live situations and also ensures a reliable cast of the guitar for the stage-band of your artist.

Paddy Guitar… also helps in the composition / arrangement for your songs or your advertising jingles.

Paddy Guitar… offers you, with the guitar school „Paddy’s Gitarrenunterricht“, professional guitar lessons in nearly all kinds of (guitar)music.

Paddy Guitar… offers you Sound! Reliability! & Rock’n’Roll!

Paddy Boy… comes from Moenchengladbach (Germany) and feels home in rock- and blues genre.

He is full-member in several bands and works also as teacher in his own guitar school in Moenchengladbach, called „Paddy’s Gitarrenunterricht“.

He plays live- and in the studio for several bands / artists and does guitar-samples for the musician magazine „tools4music“.

Paddy is endorser of „ROOTS Amplifiers“ and „BGS“.